Karglewrack is home and homeland to most dwarves. Any number of exiles and smaller enclaves exist throughout the world, as their craftsmanship is second to none. But most of those craftsmen still give their true faith and allegiance to Karglewrack and the Adamantine Throne.

Karglewrack boasts iron, silver, gold, mithril, adamantite as well as gemstone mines. Their primary export is finished weapons and raw iron and mithril. Recent events have caused the dwarves to rethink their policy of hoarding adamantite.

Karglewrack's elite units are known as Thunderers, though the reason for this is not widely known. In their recent travels with a group of Thunderers led by Kartlin Steelwrack, the council has discovered the name is due to the unique weapons Thunderers are issued. Known as Thrung'drung, these adamantite battle axes actually have hollow shafts which, when packed with smokepowder and small lead or steel shot are expended to thunderous effect on the battlefield. A force of less than 50 Thunderers, firing in waves, broke the charge of a thousand or more goblins and orcs in the passes approaching Karglewrack.

The present Dwarf King, Storkhargan Steelwrack has offered the council adamantite shipments in exchange for their help lifting a curse making him unable to grow a beard. This is the primary prerequisite for Kingship in dwarf culture, and if his current state were to become known, a Grand Melee would be required to select a new king.

Seven main Great Houses of dwarves select the King from among their members. The houses are: Steelwrack, Foebreaker, Bloodaxe, Hammerfall, Silverstream, Frostbane, and Anvilsmasher.

Generally succession is to the eldest child of the king (gender among dwarves is considered a private matter. Outside of the bedroom, most dwarves prefer the masculine he when referring to any other dwarf, even their spouse). Kings however, usually have final say on their heir. They may choose another child passing over their eldest, or even choose someone one not of their own house to become king. Additionally, dwarf Kings can temporarily abdicate, naming an interim 'acting King.' The full literal translation of 'King' in dwarven becomes 'Mine Supervisor' in common parlance.


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