Gan Loren

Gan Loren, home to the Unseen Tower, lies on the east coast of the Kartan Sea. 

It is one of the largest cities in the world, and the most cosmopolitan. The population is predominantly human, but anyone who obeys the law is welcome. There are populations of all the goodly races, and even some of the less goodly take instruction at the Unseen Tower, or give instruction.

The Gan Loren Guard is headed by Captain General Ravage, a powerful Eldritch Knight and Abjuration Wizard. 

A number of trade guilds have headquarters in the city, and many nations have permanent trade envoys and diplomatic stations.

Gan Loren enjoys good relations with the dwarves if Karglewrack, as well as Gan Morin, across the Kartan Sea. While technically still at war with the Empire of the Brethren of Awn'Kor, only border skirmishes have arisen in the last decades.

The empire has recently sent a diplomatic mission to attempt negotiation of a final peace, after the death if Gwynned Bal.

The markets of Gan Loren are famed worldwide, and nearly anything can be had, for a price.

Gan Loren

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