Custom Feats

Deep Reserves:

Effect: You have deep reserves of magical energy. When you cast a spell, roll 1d6. On a 6, the spell slot is not expended. You can preserve a spell slot of 6th level or higher in this fashion only one time per 24 hours.

Blood Mage:

Effect: Your power is in your blood.

  • As an action on your turn, you may deal 1d4 damage to yourself and gain a number of spell points equal to the damage dealt. You must make a CON save DC 14 or reduce your MAX HP by an identical amount. These spell points function as listed in the DMG, except that you may only create one slot of 6th level or higher per 24 hours. If you take a long rest you must reduce your MAX HP if you wish to retain any spell points from this feat.
  • You may also gain spell points as a reaction to being dealt slashing damage by another. You may gain spell points in this manner a number of times per short rest equal to your CON modifier.
  • When you are reduced to 0HP, instead of falling unconscious and beginning to make death saving throws, you may instead choose to throw a Death Curse as a reaction. Doing so instantly kills you, but casts a spell of your choice or another effect of your choice. You need not know the spell you wish to cast. 
  • If you are resurrected later, throwing another Death Curse also destroys your body utterly. A True Resurrection is required to restore you to life a 2nd time. Throwing a third Death Curse destroys your soul utterly, putting you beyond reach of any magical resurrection. 

Master Brewer:

Effect: you are a true master of potion making and gain the following effects:

  • You reduce potion brewing time for non-healing potions by 1d8 days (to a minimum of 8 hours) and pay 1/2 the normal cost in gp.
  • Your potions are unusually potent. Anyone who drinks a potion you brew rerolls and takes the greater on variable effects. If the potion has a duration, you increase the duration by 2d100% 
  • You are especially in tune with the magical nature of potions, and gain the above effect for ALL potions you drink, regardless of source.
  • Your potions do not degrade over time, and any unintended side effects are beneficial.
  • You can create beer, wine and spirits using your potion brewing setup and can use brewers supplies in a pinch to craft healing potions, if alchemists tools or an herbalism kit are not available.

Eldritch Researcher:

Effect: you may destroy cyphers or relics in an effort to determine how they function.

  • You may take 1 day to disassemble  a relic or cypher and create a formula to create copies. You make a intelligence check when you do. DC 20 (no skill applies). If you roll a natural 1 on your check, the item explodes, dealing damage and discharging any and all charges. You must have ink and at least 10 sheets of parchment when doing so in order to create the formula.
  • If the cypher contained a spell you do not know, you may copy the spell into your spellbook when you create the formula for the item. The forumla is a separate item, and you do not memorize it. If you lose the formula you must start again, but you have advantage on the check when destroying a duplicate cypher.
  • You may develop Arcanist's tools. These allow you to add 1/2 proficiency to checks when disassembling a cypher or relic. They also grant expertise on Arcana checks. Development and crafting of arcanists tools costs 5000gp and 250 days. Arcanists tools weigh 200 lbs and must be recalibrated any time they are jostled (which requires 1d6 hours). 
  • Cost to create relics and cyphers is halved for you. Time is also halved if using Arcanist's tools.
  • You can attune to a cypher or relic, causing it to no longer count toward your cypher limit. It gains the following property. 3 Charges, regains 1 charge each day at dawn. If the item runs out of charges roll 1d20, on a 1 it crumbles to dust. If you are ever more than 100 feet from an attuned relic or cypher, you lose attunement. If you are already attuned to 3 items, you may still attune to a relic, but must repeat attunement every day. You may attune to only a single relic or cypher simultaneously.



Effect: your mastery of protective magic is unmatched. When you cast mage armor, your mage armor absorbs a portion of the energy from attacks which hit you. You reduce by 3 any damage dealt by slashing, bludgeoning, piercing, thunder or force damage. Further, once your armor has absorbed 10 damage, it automatically discharges this energy in the form of a magic missile (1st level). As a reaction, you may postpone this discharge, increasing the level of magic missile by 1 for each additional 10 damage absorbed. (Maximum 3rd level)

Lastly, you may choose to cast mage armor from a higher level spell slot. The AC bonus from mage armor increases by 1 when cast as a 3rd level spell, by 2 when cast as a 6th level spell, and by 3 when cast as a 9th level spell. The damage absorption also increases.

If you cast mage armor at a level higher than 1st, your mage armor is visible to any creature which passes a DC 14 Wisdom (perception) check. When you are hit, or your mage armor causes you to be missed, the armor becomes visible until the beginning of your next turn.


Custom Feats

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