Calendar Notes

Prior calendar is listed in years: AE (After Exodus) going 1-1723, then stopping at the beginning of the Wizard Wars. The Wizard wars lasted for roughly a century, but few know for sure how long they lasted. Due to this uncertainty most nations started their own calendars from the reign of whoever was in charge when the Wizard Wars ended. Which was a hodgepodge like you wouldn’t believe.
Most nations date their calendars now based on ‘Xth year of the Reign of King whoever’. And scholars have to do a bunch of math to figure out exactly how long ago the Wizard Wars were.
The people of Gan Loren tried to adopt a similar calendar on the model of WKR (Wizard King’s Reign), directly after the war. But Gwynned Bal basically told them that was dumb and made them adopt the much less pretentious PE for (Post-war Era). Just from simplicity, it became more widely adopted and is sometimes referred to as the Balian calendar. Even though it was one of Gwynned Bal’s first apprentices who introduced the 12 months + 7 Day festival model to the calendar. His name is lost to history.

The Empire of the Brethren of Awn-Kor still count years, FF (From the Founding of the Brethren), and are on year 1690.

The year itself ~385.2 days long, requiring a leap day every 5 years. Each day is 25 hours and 43 minutes long. 
This generally fucks up a lot of things. Efforts to change the length of a second or minute failed horribly. Instead the last 43 minutes of each day is called Godswatch. The magic clock in Gan Loren is one of the few clocks in the world which can keep accurate time from one day to another without intervention. 43 minute ‘Watch Glasses’ are sometimes used to tell timekeepers when to rewind their clocks after the 25th hour is over. The 25th hour is often called the Witching hour, or the Wizarding hour, depending on how fearful of magic the people involved are.

There are 12 months, alternating 33 or 30 days, and a 7 day long Festival celebrating the end of the old year and the beginning of the new. Leap days, when required are placed during Festival. The 12 months: January (33 days), February (30 days), March (33 days), April (30 days), May (33), June (30), September (30), October (33), November (30), December (33), Undecember (30), and Smarch (33).
The 8 days of the weeks are Qharday, Trineday, Wealday, Mageday, Thorsday, Fireday, Starday, and Sunday.
Gwynned Bal died on Qharday, Smarch 22nd, of the year 1326 PE. 
The will reading takes place on Wealday the 31st of Smarch. Yearsend Festival starts 3 days later. Classes started Trineday, the 7th of January.

There was a double New Moon on Days 5-7 of Festival this year, which some claim to be an ominous occurrence.

Agents Campaign Timeline: Left Gan Loren Apr 16. Arrived Starfall Apr 21. Arrived Kundrukhar Apr 27. Returned to Starfall May 3. Ambushed May 4 at sunset.

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Calendar Notes

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