Altering Spells

When you find a scroll of a spell in a spellbook for your chosen school, you can choose to alter the spell before scribing it into your spellbook.

Scribing an altered spell into a spellbook destroys the spell scroll. Additionally, it requires double the normal cost in special inks and materials to scribe the spell into spellbook than would a normal scroll. It requires 1d4 8 hour days per spell level to alter a spell in this way. During a single long rest, you can devote 1 hour to altering a spell in addition to the 1 hour you take to prepare your spells without disrupting your rest.

Possible Alterations:


  • Can alter an AOE from a radius or cylinder within range to a cone or line originating from the caster.
  • Can alter the type of damage the spell deals.
  • Can alter a spell which attacks multiple targets to single target, or single target to 5’ radius AOE.
  • Can alter an instantaneous duration into a concentration up to 1 minute duration.
  • Can alter the effect of scaling a spell from extra damage dice to affecting additional targets.
  • Can alter the size of damage dice and/or the base spell slot level.

Only one of these can be accomplished at a time. When copying an already altered spell from a spellbook to a scroll or to another spellbook, the alteration can be reverted to the original spell. Alternatively, an additional alteration can be made. A maximum of 3 alterations can be made. A second alteration entails 4x the cost in time and resources. A third alteration costs 8×.

(Note: All alterations are subject to GM approval, and AOE spells will be under more scrutiny. Altered spells count as Wizard spells for the purposes of number of prepared spells.)

Altering Spells

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