A goblin of many talents.


Kaboozer stands 3’4" tall and wields a longbow twice his height by tilting it sideways. He is a deadly marksman.

He usually wears well tailored clothes and a pair of goggles of his own design which provide telescopic and minute seeing.


Kaboozer was kidnapped by rock gnomes at an early age and put to work repairing cheap clockwork toys for their children. HIs master was a wizard of some renown, and Kaboozer managed to cobble together enough knowledge to become a powerful eldritch knight.
He escaped and is attempting to make goblins more respectable. The rest of goblinkind isn’t exactly cooperating.

Kaboozer is an anomaly among goblins. Courageous, steadfast, magically talented, articulate.
He aided the Council in fighting the Ice Devil Ithcandruss in the passes north of Karglewrack and splintering the horde of monsters being amassed in secret to invade the dwarven kingdom.
In parting, he gifted the Bow of Many Things to the party, in exchange for an enchanted bow of unknown properties found in the Ice Devils lair.


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