Masters of the Unseen Tower

Session 2


Blue reacts first, sending a blast of eldritch energy at the gibbering mouther, but in his haste, the cantrip sails wide. The mouther responds by sending a gob of blinding spittle his way. Reality warps around the monster, the wood flooring turns suddenly doughlike and springy, pulling at Blue's boots and keeping him from retreating.

Another patron looks suddenly sickly, and claps a hand to his mouth, trying to hold it in, to no avail. He too vomits his viscera onto the floor, which rises as a second mouther, its many mouths openingwide as it attempts to take a bite from Zon'Vahl's side. The druid manages to dodge and takes the opening to wild shape into a giant crocodile. He takes a retaliatory bite out of the second mouther while his tail sweeps out and smacks the first monster soundly.

Burn cackles his name and unleashes a barrage of fiery rays at the closest monster as he backs away, then whips a bolt of flames at the other. The mouthers' flesh sizzles and pops like grease on a griddle, but continue their assault.

A third patron keels over and spews out another mouther into the cramped melee in the Dreaming Maiden's common room. Other patrons scatter, pressing themselves back against the walls to stay out of the fray.

Captain General Ravage wades in next, charging in with his greatsword swinging. He cuts one of the mouthers clean in half. The others try to close on him from behind.

Meanwhile Altion dodges to one side of the melee, sighting down his finger as he lines up the two remaining monsters before letting out a searing bolt of lightning. A second mouther curls in upon itself, glooping down into a sizzling puddle. Anri stabs the straggle with her rapier, shouting for any straggling Inn patrons to get behind her. Another ray from Blue connects, and a final snap of Zon'Vahl the crocodile's jaws sends the final into a last steaming puddle.

The surviving patrons shudder collectively.

Anri picks over the shattered remains of the bottles at the dead patrons' tables, and shouts for anyone with a bottle from Roathan's Vineyard to stop drinking.

One of the patrons, a burly dwarven smith goes suddenly pale, an empty bottle still clutched in his hand. 'I ate the worm… I dinnae feel so good…' Before the council can react, the unfortunate drunken dwarf runs staggering out of the Inn. With a burst of magical energy, a Hydra bursts from his chest, leaving only the poor dwarf's boots to topple over on the pavement.

Chaos erupts in the streets outside. The council pours into the night slinging spells. Altion hurls a disintegration ray and misses wildly. Luckily noone beyond the Hydra is struck by the errant spell. 

Another reveler succumbs out in the street, and the abomination that boils up from his remains is quickly blasted by a ray of necromantic energy from Blue while he climbs the side of the Inn for a better shot at the rampaging Hydra. 

Things promptly get worse, when the Hydra also begins spitting out more mouthers, their nonsensical babbling from multiple mouths trying to drive anyone within earshot mad. The Hydra itself let out a psyche shaking below, nearly bringing the council to their knees.

Then with renewed anger, Burn let loose an incendiary cloud to envelop the Hydra and most of the smaller mouthers, swathing half the street in flames. Captain General Ravage was reduced to hurling cantrips, as he was unable to brave the flames and close to melee. Zon'vahl however wild shaped himself into a fire elemental and hurled himself into the fire. Immune to the hellish flames, he whipped fiery tendrils around any stray mouthers to keep them from running out of the fiery cloud.

Altion conjures an illusory wall to hem in possibly infected revelers as they begin fleeing in terror. The others continue hurling evocations at the Hydra and its minions, until at last it falls. A calm silence comes over the street as Burn dispels the fire cloud.

A quick investigation of the bottles reveals that all of the afflicted were drinking not only the same vintage, but the same year, the newest vintage, the Roathan's vineyards 1324. Word is quickly passed to the guard to quarantine every bottle of the 1324 that they can find. Innkeepers are alerted to the danger as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, most of the council (Thranduil refuses to budge from his chambers until his hangover goes away), with Captain General Ravage and a dozen guardsmen in tow, descend upon Roathan's manor in the city.

Roathan's guards are stunned into cooperation by the arrival via teleport circle of such a force on the grounds, and city watch quickly secure the perimeter, while the council barge straight in the front door and storm up to Roathan's office, running roughshod over any interference. Lyrrin leaves the butler standing paralysed in the foyer when he protests. Ridcully throws a blanket of magical silence over a maid as she gathers herself to scream in surprise, then has the guards cart her off.

The council bursts into Roathan's office, only to find him blithely doing paperwork, seemingly unfazed by the sudden intrusion of 7 of the most powerful wizards in the city.

Blue, however, spots something sinister in the wine merchant's aspect. A wriggling… something… just beneath the skin of the man's neck. In a flash of inspiration he recognizes the symptoms of Hellwaps infestation. He remembered reading about the Demonic wasps the size of breakfast sausages in the more… esoteric parts of his grandfather's library. The shock of recognition tips the Hellwasps, despite Blue's attempt to hide it. They first attempt to strike him down with a hail of magic missiles and small fireblasts, only to have them countered or dispelled. The wasps abandon their host and attempt to flee, but the assembled might of the council makes short work of the Wasps, and they find themselves trapped in a wall of force, after failing to smash their way out of the windows. 

The council attempts to interrogate the swarm on the motive for the attack, but they prove to be… unmanageable. After a final attempt to strike at the council is foiled, the wasps are banished back to the Abyss, leaving the party with a nearly dead Raothan, an unknown amount of tainted wine still on the streets of Gan Loren and no answers.



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