Masters of the Unseen Tower

Session 1

The Fireworks Budget

The First meeting of the Masters of the Unseen Tower was lengthy, and after an initial confusion over how to work the Anti-magic field built into the room, and then a discussion of taking on an Ancient Red Dragon together, largely devolved into budgetary minutiae. 

Specifically, the young Gold Dragon who had handled the fireworks display for the yearsend Festival the prior year was requesting double his customary amount of gold. After hours of trying to cut fat from the budget, the council had managed to determine they could not afford the new rate from the general fund. Brun McFireflame, using his draconic heritiage to smooth a few ruffled scales on the part of Dex, managed to talk him down to only 1500 gold more than his prior year's rate. This amount being readily available from the council's personal funds, they struck an additional agreement with the young dragon for his assistance, should the council choose to go after the ancient Red Dragon Shalganazzar in the future.

With those matters taken care of, the council adjourned to their individual chambers within the tower, to become acclimated to their staffs, settle in, and make preparations for the yearsend Festival.

Anri and Lyrrin both secured venues to perform music at Inns in the city and invited others on the council to listen. Burn, Cameron and Zon'vahl accompanied Anri to her performance at the Dreaming Maiden on the fifth night of Festival.

The menu for the night was outstanding, with a fine vintage of Fire Wine being liberally served, cider, and other libations. Just as Burn was lifting a glass of Fire Wine to his lips, Captain General Ravage stormed in and slapped the winecup out of his hand. 'The Wine is tainted!' He warned. 'Nobody drink any of the wine!' 

A hapless man at the bar near Von'Vahl looked on helplessly, glanced at his empty wine bottle and hiccuped. Then he clutched at his chest and spewed forth a pile of reeking protoplasm onto the floor, crinkling up as he did until all that remained was a spent husk.

The pile frothed and bubbled and formed into a Gibbering Mouther, and the fight was on!



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